Lincoln Center Out of Doors presents

by Elaine Summers

Commissioned by Lincoln Center for Lincoln Center Out of Doors.

AUGUST 23, 2007 - 8 PM
Free Admission - Open to Public

A premier performance of true Intermedia by an Intermedia pioneer Elaine Summers.
21 years ago Elaine Summers directed and choreographed an Intermedia opus for the Lincoln Center Out of Doors festival entitled 'Flowing Rock/ Still Waters'. Now in 2007, Elaine has been invited to choreograph a new Intermedia work where the dancers are interacting with video projections of the dancers filmed during the performance of Flowing Rock/Still Waters.

Choreographer: Elaine Summers

Dancers: Dale Andree, Joshua Bisset, Harriet Bograd, Meg Chang, Jessica Higgins, Kiori Kawai, Thomas Kortvelyessy, Laura Quattrocchi

Composers/Musicians: Pauline Oliveros, Jay Clayton, Thomas Houser, Carman Moore, Ann Hurley, Lotte Arnsbjerg

Artists: Alison Knowles, Davidson Gigliotti, Murphy Gigliotti, Taketo Shimada, Laura Quattrocchi, Miana Grafals

Assistant Choreographer: Rebecca Loukes

Budget/ Accounting: Debbie Goldberg

Production Designer: Murphy Gigliotti

Organizational Consultant to Miss Summers: Meg Chang

Communications: Jonathan Gill, Cody Hughs

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Download Hidden Forest Press Release

Download Flowing Rock/ Still Waters handout from 1987

This presentation is part of the Lincoln Center Out of Doors festival's 37th season, August 2--27, presenting internationally acclaimed dance, jazz, world music and special events on the Lincoln Center Plazas free to the public. This is Elaine's second commission from the festival.

The night of Elaine's performance is titled 60s Snapshots: Postmodern Pioneers. It celebrates the artistic impact of the 1960s with commissioned dances from four experimental luminaries: Yoshiko Chuma & The School of Hard Knocks, Gus Solomons jr, Merian Soto, and Elaine Summers.

The program is on Thursday, August 23, 2007 at the South Plaza of Lincoln Center. The first performance starts at 6:00 PM , Hidden Forest will be the last performance, starting at 8 PM.
For more information - CLICK HERE and check out the Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival's website.

Lincoln Center Out of Doors is sponsored by Bloomberg and PepsiCo, Inc. with additional generous support from foundations, corporations, individuals and government agencies.