Elaine Summers @POOL Shine 2021
Zionskirche, Berlin - September 3-12, 2021

photo of a stand announcing the installation of "Two Girls Downtown Iowa" filmdance by Elaine Summers, Zionskirche, Berlin 2021

Windows in the Kitchen was performed 10 September 2021 at Zionskirche Berlin
as part of POOL Shine (artistic directors Wibke Janssen, Sarah Möller, co-curator Yoshiko Chuma) Evening presented by Peter Pleyer, opening Kinetic Awareness® eye-exercise by Thomas Körtvélyessy.
With Meredith Monk, Yoshiko Chuma, Pooh Kaye, and Joan Jonas.
Special thanks to the Jerome Robbins Dance Division, at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.
Full program of the evening here

The church and Jay Clayton's voice turned out to be a perfect match!
We were all listening in rapture to the amazing echo & reverberations, they seemed to have been made for this space.

During the tech-rehearsal Matt Turney (right) and an unidentified pedestrian from Two Girls Downtown Iowa got to dance together.

Poster POOL Shine 2021 featuring photo of Elaine Summers in a white working woman's overall, with a passing couple of a Black man and a possibly trans-identifiable woman
poster of POOL Shine 2021 featuring Elaine Summers, photographed while working on Walking Dance for Any Number
photographer unkown, courtesy of the Jerome Robbins Dance Division, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

A day before the concert, Kiori Kawai and Thomas Körtvélyessy met in the Zionskirche, after six years. Together they danced with Two Girls Downtown Iowa by Elaine Summers.
Click here to watch the recordings of this afternoon.

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