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Sunday March 17th, 1-3pm EST

A Birthday Gathering for Elaine:
Toward the Centennial - Skytime


Please RSVP before March 15th, 11.30pm EST by clicking this link
or send an e-mail to

We will send you the link for Zoom no later than Saturday March 16th, 10am EST

1pm Welcome, announcements
1.15pm about Elaine, Skytime
1.30pm revisiting Skytime, A Year and A Day
1.45pm Toward the Centennial: Letting the Body Stretch Itself, ElaineFest
2pm Invitation to Secret Dancers
2.15pm Fundraiser Kinetic Awareness® Center

2.30pm time for socializing, meeting each other (breakout rooms)
* send us your favorite sky-music to play during this last part ...
3pm FIN
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Collage, stills from Skydance by Elaine Summers at the University of Iowa 1982, depicting different scenes of the performance: an air balloon soaring towards an endless evening sky, dancers in white running, leaping, dancing and circling around with colourful balloons, a dancer suspended in the arms of their partner who is dressed like a 1930s pilot, both floating in the embrace of a vast blue sky, Otto Piene’s long transparent alien-like balloons floating upwards to the gentle wind.
stills from Skydance by Elaine Summers, 2nd Intermedia Festival, University of Iowa, 1982
images courtesy of the heirs of Elaine Summers, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, and Iowa University.
collage by Elie Nassar. all rights reserved.

This year, we will highlight Skytime Elaine's parting gift to the world:
An open invitation to anyone, anywhere to celebrate the wonders of the sky
in any language or medium. With the internet emerging more publicly by 1995, Elaine became especially interested in this new medium: What is it like? What can it do?
To learn more about this project please click here

We will also use this day to tell you more about our plans for
Elaine's Centennial Year 2025 and to ask you for a donation to support our work.
Thanks to the Kinetic Awareness® Center your contribution is tax-deductible in the US.
Visit Kinetic Awareness® Center, Inc. for more info about the organisation or

directly via PayPal

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Please remember to RSVP before Friday, March  15th, 11.30pm EST
We will send you the Zoom-link no later than March 16th, 10am EST
To RSVP directly, please click here
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Looking forward to see you soon!
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