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A 96th Birthday Celebration for Elaine

When: 20th February 2021

Where: Zoom

RSVP by 14 February

As Elaine's birthday is coming up, we feel it's time to celebrate & see each other again in this new decade, and would like to invite everyone who would like to get together on Saturday, the 20th of February 2021 on Zoom, hosted via the Artistic Estate of Elaine Summers / Kinetic Awareness® Center, with special thanks to the Jerome Robbins Dance Division, the New York Public Library of the Performing Arts.

Anyone who would like to remember, share about, dance about, talk about, sing about, etc. in 
honor of and for Elaine, on what would have been her 96th birthday, is welcome to request a
 time-slot when you would like to livestream directly to the ongoing Zoom-meeting from your
 space, do a round-talk with everyone present, or send videos, images, spoken word, interviews,
photos, text-documents, etc. that can be shared.

People will be welcome to come & go, leave a
 chat-message etc.
Where possible, archival footage of Elaine and her work will be shown in 
between. There will be breakout-rooms for people who want to take a moment to talk with each
 other and catch up socially.

every light is one online-visitor on this planet who is reading this e-mail, right now ...
first seen at Yoko Ono / Imagine Peace

This event is meant to be a first, more informal try-out towards a larger
 and official global and planetary re-creation of Elaine's visionary Skytime, with which we would like to
 begin her Centennial on February 20th, 2025 into an entire year of related events in
 collaboration with our various partner organisations. We're happy to learn by doing. Expect the 
unexpected ...

  • The deadline for time-slot requests is set for Sunday February 14th, midnight or 00.00h
 (UTC), becoming Monday the 15th. (As time zones vary there will be a striving for
  • After that date, any entries will be screened as possible via Zoom, when there is a moment, but with no guarantee.
 Elaine's love of chance, if there are conflicting times, the programming sequence will be decided by a
 specified chance method.

  • Please R.V.S.P. before February 18th if you want to join the celebration without any specific contribution. You will then receive a link and password to the 
Zoom meeting.

  • Donations made out to the Kinetic Awareness® Center (tax-reductible within the US as a
501(c)3 not for profit organisation) so that we can maintain and expand our work,
 including for Elaine's Artistic Estate and the Elaine Summers Legacy Project, are warmly welcome. You can donate via Paypal or send a cheque made out to Kinetic Awareness® Center, Inc.; c/o 484 West 43rd Street #42-A, New York NY 10036.
  • The event will be recorded for archival purposes, publications will happen by
 permission of the involved contributors/visitors who can be seen/heard in the recording.

Looking forward to hear from you & see you soon,
wherever you are around the globe!
With dancing regards
Charles Rosenberg, Meg Chang, Nina D'Abbracci, Frances Becker,
Michelle Berne, Pearl Bowser, Jill Green, Thomas Körtvélyessy (thanks to Elie Nassar),
Ann Law, Alexandra Ogsbury, Robin Powell, Leeny Sack

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